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Welcome to Elevated Packaging
We do not manufacture just custom boxes but also help you to find an innovative packaging solution for your retail product of any type. Either you are a small or an organized business, we will assist you from box sizing to artwork creation, suggest best options of custom boxes to meet your budget and deliver you printed product at you door in timely manners!
Bakery Boxes
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We feature unlimited sizes and colors of custom boxes. You may select any style for your product packaging from small paperboard carton to extra large corrugated container. We ensure you 100% satisfaction with your purchage at Elevated Packaging. We do full color printing on all types of custom packaging boxes of your own choice.

You are at right place for the selection of custom boxes in dimensions of your own choice. You have all specifications in your mind. For your retail product, just a printed box is not a goal but also an innovative design printed on boxes that attract your customers when placed in shelves of a retail store. We handle custom packaging box inquiries by a very professional manner.

First we’ll require complete dimensions of the custom box that you are looking for. Dimensions of box should be selected in such a way that the inside product should fit into it easily. Paperboard’s thickness varies and after die-cutting the inside and outside dimensions of box are slightly different. Mostly customers don’t know that which dimensions they are asking about. Hence you should be accurate in this information that you require inside dimensions or outside dimensions of your selected box. Inside dimensions are important for product fitting and outside dimensions are important if you have to further package this box into shipping boxes or mailers.

After the dimensions are finalized a right material for packaging boxes is selected. Selection of material requires a certain level of knowledge. A food packaging box should be made from food grade material. A shipping box should be made from thick and rigid material just like corrugated or corrugated cardboard. As there are lot of categories of packaging boxes used for different products so selection of right material is must. Our people have deep knowledge of papers selected for printed items. And if you have no idea that which material is suitable for your packaging then our customer service agents are happy to suggest the right material for your custom boxes.

Once size and stock is finalized then the most important step is the artwork creation. The backbone of product’s display value is the artwork of a packaging box that attracts customer’s attention to your product. What kinds of artwork/graphics, you want? Well, we have experienced designers working in our graphic department that can help you for the selection of best colors of your customized boxes.
It's something we are really excited to do artwork for your packaging free of cost, but also something that makes us different from other vendors. If you’re a designer then we will supply you guideline to set up your artwork and if not then we will design the artwork free of cost even before you process your order.

We love to help our clients at every step and we are looking forward for your business with us and we are sure that you will love our great services, and we'll serve you again and again.

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